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Catalonia is known worldwide for its historical and cultural whealth, its artists, its beaches and coves, hiking in the Pyrenees and ski resorts, its traditions, its wines and gastronomy.

Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia, Roman ruins, countless romanesque churches of all picturesque villages, dolmens, menhirs of all the small villages ... Every mile is a treasure trove of history and culture.

Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Gaudi, Miro ... Catalonia has given birth to many famous artists worldwide. All the painters who were born or have settled in Catalonia have been fascinated and inspired by the purity of the sky and clear light. The works of these artists can be admired and visited in Figueras, Girona and Barcelona.

Creating a natural border between France and Spain, the Pyrenee mountains ends in the sea providing magnificent coves and turquoise clear waters. Charming small towns can be found like Cadaques, its reputation is legendary. Large sandy beaches decorate the bays and there are the seaside resorts like Rosas, Ampurias, La Escala ... The party is in full swing there every summer day.

Catalonia sees the passage of millions of migrating birds between Africa and Europe that can be observed in the surrounding wetlands.

Many festivals with dances and traditions are held throughout the year.

Every town and village has its local markets where farmers and fishermen offer their typical products: wine, charcuterie, olive oil, fruits and vegetables ...
These products are the foundation of the famous Mediterranean cuisine known for its health benefits. Many simple and good-value restaurants cook with these local products for you to enjoy.

There are so many riches to be discovered in this region, you will want to come back for more!


Walks or treks in the megalithic zone with more than 100 dolmens and menhirs in the Natural Park of the Albere Sierra.

Visits to the Benedictine monasteries of Saint Quirze of Colera (7 kilometers) and Saint Peter of Rodes (15 kilometers).

Wine routes with enDeVins company of enoturism.

Visit to the Turtle Reproduction Center of Albere, located in Garriguella (5 km), the only such center in the country.

Visit to the Falcon Center of Mas Ullastre, in Saint Clement Sescebes (7 km).

The renowned golf course in Peralada (8 km).

Llança and Rosas Beaches (17km).

In Figueres (18 km), visit the Dali Museum, the Toy Museum and the Outdoor Markets on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Aiguemolls Natural Park (20 km), near Castello d’Ampuries and Ampuriabrava, with parachuting and other varied activities.

Visit to the sculptural monument paying homage to Walter Benjamin in Portbou (27 km), where the German philosopher died after having escaped the Nazis during the 2nd World War.

Cap Creus Natural Park with the Port of Cadaques (35 km) and Port Lligat, where the house where Dali and Gala lived together can be visited.

Roman ruins of Ampurias beside Saint Martin of Ampurias (40 km).

A 20 km drive through the Banyuls Pass takes you to the South of France where you can taste their typical sweet wine and do some deep-sea diving in the internationally protected submarine trail, and visit the small artistic port of Collioure where the tomb of Antonio Machado is located.